Praying For Sun But Getting Rain

Praying For Sun Redeeming Goods.jpg

"When you put your happiness in temporal things, then your happiness will only be temporary." I recently heard this quote from Nic Vujicic (link to video). This quote struck me and I've been thinking about it constantly.

  • What am I basing my happiness on?

  • Am I only happy if the future seems bright?

  • Is my happiness based on getting what I want when I want it?

  • Do things that make God happy make me happy?

So often when I pray for sunshine and get rain I'm unhappy. I pray for health and ease, but the opposite comes and I'm discouraged. I say things like, "There's hardly any sunshine in my life. And where there is some, it's easily forgettable." Not only is that completely childish, but it's completely ignoring the good work of the sovereign God in my life.

  • Rain nourishes - it enriches the soil of my heart and is a vital part of growing me to be more like Christ.

  • Rain washes - through tears my eyes are opened to the kindness of God.

  • Rain smooths - the brokenness of my heart is filled and smoothed by the Balm of Gilead.

  • Rain can be the catalyst for or may even become the very "wave that throws me against the Rock of Ages" (Charles Spurgeon).Shall I kiss that wave or the rain that made it?

Rain is used by God in his great rescue plan for my life. Rain helps me see God more clearly. Rain ultimately helps me to glorify God and enjoy him forever.

That's where my happiness should lie. In God. To re-arrange Nic's quote, you could say, "When you put your happiness in the eternal God, then your happiness will only be eternal."

So then let us find happiness in sunshine or rain because we find happiness in God.

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