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Making Sense Of The Pain

Did you see this article??? 

Last year I got the opportunity to share with Voice Of The Martyrs how their ministry has impacted my life. Afterwards, I was contacted by some staff at VOM saying…

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10 Christ-Centered Gifts For Her That Are Super Cool

Don’t you feel the tension during Christmas season? And even for birthdays, anniversaries, etc… You love to share gifts, but you want the focus to be on Christ? I totally feel it. And while I’m all for commentaries and devotional books, you don’t want to gift another that will just end up on the shelf as a “resource for later.”

So here’s our list of 10 Christ-centered gifts for her that are super cool. 😎🎁

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My Top 10 Resources for Encouragement

Here’s my top 10 list of encouraging resources!

  1. ESV Journaling Psalter - What is more encouraging than God’s Word? What I love about it: As you read through the Psalms, there’s space to write how God is using His Word in your heart.

  2. John Piper’s sermon: This Illness Is For The Glory Of God - John 11 - I listened to this when I was devastated over the loss of my son and in a very dark place…

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We're Sending Bibles Worldwide!

It's now official! Redeeming Goods has teamed up with Voice Of The Martyrs!

For every print sold we donate to send a Bible to a Christian in a restricted nation in their own language.

God is using VOM in an incredible way to bring God's Word to difficult and dangerous places around the globe. Everyone at Redeeming Goods is passionate about what VOM does and is excited to see what God will do through this relationship to glorify His name.

God is rescuing people from every tribe and tongue and people and nation! Let's be a part of that!

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