My Top 10 Resources for Encouragement

My Top 10 Resources

for Encouragement

  1. ESV Journaling Psalter

    - What is more encouraging than God’s Word? What I love about it: As you read through the Psalms, there’s space to write how God is using His Word in your heart.

  2. John Piper’s sermon: This Illness Is For The Glory Of God - John 11

    - I listened to this when I was devastated over the loss of my son and in a very dark place. This marked a turning point in my grief journey. I recommend this sermon for anyone who might struggle with seeing God’s love in face of death and suffering.

  3. Tetelestai Necklace from The Daily Grace Co.

    - I have this necklace and love it. It’s a reminder of God’s finished work on the cross. No more striving for peace with God, no more grasping at an identity outside of Christ’s love. Peace, rest, love. It is finished.

  4. The Little Book Of Big Encouragements

    - Of course I love this book! The verses in it have greatly impacted my life and there’s plenty of space to journal for yourself or write prayers in for a friend.

  5. Isaiah 25:8 Print

    - This verse print, strategically located by my front door, has consistently reminded me that while the pain in the life is real and deep, the redemption and love of Christ is real-er and deeper still. (I know, I know… real-er is not a real word. But you know what I mean!) ☺️

  6. Psalm 73:26 Pillow by E&E home decor

    - This verse has meant a lot to me, and this pillow is on my couch to remind me of its Truth. I met one of the ladies who own this shop and she is so sweet!

  7. VOMRadio

    - A few months after my son went to be with Jesus, I started listening to VOMRadio weekly and it helped me have a better perspective of my pain and sorrow and a bigger view of God. Highly recommend this podcast! This is a great one to start with.

  8. Suffering: Gospel Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense by Paul Tripp

    - I’ve only gotten to read some excerpts and it sounds amazing! It’s totally on my to-read list! He touches on the exact things I struggle with when I’m going through a hard time: fear, envy doubt, denial. And then shows the reader God’s character to bring true, deep comfort. It looks so good!

  9. Stories Of Grace Print by Coffey Design Co.

    - Anyone who’s ever been married for any length of time knows that they married a sinner, am I right? My husband married one of them! (my hand’s raised)🤚🏼 I love this print because it reminds us that any marriage is a story of God’s grace not our own goodness as showcased again and again throughout Scripture. I love it! (and it’s framed!!)

  10. Ask Pastor John Podcast

    - This podcast has been super helpful in grounding me in God’s Word when my feelings want to rule the day. I love how clearly Pastor John Piper shares the Word and counsels. There’s been so many times where I think, “Has he read my life story?” because it’s like he knows #mystruggle and is talking to me. So good! This link has so many good podcasts on suffering.


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